Feet and inches input Data-shapes?

I need to be able to type in a distance (Feet and Inches) as input to the Data-Shapes package.
I know I can use a Text box, but I’d prefer to have some input validation.
Do I have to resort to separate feet and inch input fields?
Or is there some equivalent to the “Number from Feet and Inches” node that Data-Shapes has?

Actually i am not sure if i got you correctly, but do you want two inputs one for inches and one for feet ? if this yes you can then you can manipulate the inputs value the way you want. and what do you mean by input validation !.

@Mostafa_El_Ayoubi have a look

No, I do not want two separate boxes. That’s what I have to do right now as a work-around.
By “Input validation”, I mean I want the dialog box to parse what I type in to make sure it’s actually a legitimate value. The box should not let me type in
12’ & 6"
this is the size
I should only be able to type in something that translates to a length.
The “Number from Feet and Inches” node does that.

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You could use regex (clockwork has some) to extract only the meaningful portions of the string:


I don’t believe data shapes has the node that you are looking for with validation process. but for sure can be done by python otherwise do two boxes as you said as work around