FamilyInstance.ByPoint Shows elements in list but not in model

Any thoughts on this. I used this same script two days ago when I created it and it worked fine but now I get nothing. I have been playing with it for a couple of hours now.

The script:

We have a bunch of symbol family’s in the project but now we need a 3D element to take its place. I am finding the center point of the symbol and then placing the element in its place. (two elements are being place because the symbol is above the ceiling. The first element is created so I can use Tool.GetSurroundingElements (SteamNodes Package) and then I can find the lowest ceiling (Center points Z value). The element is then deleted)

Stupid fucking script

The first node Select Model Element is empty because the elements have been deleted (I just ran the script)

Here are some blow ups that should be a little better image quality.