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Now with dynamo I am hoping to build in some automation. A perfect world to me would be if dynamo can get a list of loadable families within the project and write that list out to excel. In excel I can get a mapping done that if it sees one family it replaces that one with the new family (I kept the same Type name within old and new family). Then dynamo reads the new excel file and replaces the family with the new one keeping in mind I want it at the same location, same rotation and same type within the family.

Where I am at now is, without using excel, I can select a group of old family with different types and swap them with new family keeping the same insertion point and the same family type. I am hitting a wall with keeping the rotation the same. I am working on that though.



fmthis scripts lists all available families (not types, this were an extra)

a second list for placed families - reduced to 1 family per type

writes both to two different excel sheets.

the rest is excel and reading the result back to revit

I have taken a stab at working with exporting and then importing families in excel. What i am trying to accomplish with this is to replace Family: PUB_ORZ with Family: Case-Frz-ORZ. The Type needs to stay the same, whether it is 3 DR, 4 DR or 5 DR. Can anybody tell me if I am close or am I overreaching?



How did you go with this problem,
I’am trying to swap a curtain panel with another curtain panel, both are already in the project.

I can extract the panel that i want to swap from my project, but how do I select it and swap it?

Hope you (or someone else) can help.


I know 4 years in the wilderness is a long time, but as Hunter S. Thompson once said “I learned a long time ago that reality was much weirder than anyone’s imagination.”

And hopefully this goes a little way for those wishing to find a similar answer, because it takes a lot of imagination to read these 2015 posted images. :joy:

You will probably need to unpin individual curtain panels that you wish to swap before running, and I’ve used a filtering mask to locate the panels I wish to swap.

Thanks to the guys from “Jetpack” for a solution - Simply Powerful.

better late then never…solved the problem a few years ago

but thank you

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Agreed, we should aim to leave a resolution for others to follow, nothing worse than endless searches returning empty hints. In the imagination of Jim Rohn “All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.”

@Arno_De_Lange, Can you post a pic of your graph please? I’d like to compare your thoughts with those of @r.lietz and learn a little more.