Family level problem

Hello dynamo community :slight_smile: . When i insert my families in my project (which is a storey family house), the families don’t appear in the second level and i realised that their base levels are blank too. Is it posible to set their levels? Or should i change my method of the insert function? All ideas are welcome. :slight_smile:

*They appear in 3d but they don’t appear in section views.

It shouldn’t matter what their associated level is. If they’re within the view range and visible they should show up. I don’t think you can set an element’s associated level (unless it’s a host) so you should probably change the insertion method like you suggested. There are nodes for placing elements at an associated level.

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They don’t show up in section views, but they show up in 3d and the base level is blank. :confused:

Hate to ask, but are you sure all the right categories are on and your view range is correct?

1 - This happens when i put the family as a component in revit manually. (It works fine)
2 - This happens when i used dynamo to place families to specific places (I used family instance.bypoint)

I hope that can help you to understand my problem.

rad difference

FamilyInstance.ByPointAndLevel was the solution. :slight_smile: