Family By Point

Hello, everyone. I was doing some exercise of Dynamo Tutorials from here. But, I have a warning when I link the nodes and I do not why. Did someone figure this out once?


The data flow doesn’t make sense to me - what is the script trying to achieve?
I believe that the node isn’t working as the lacing is set to shortest - try longest and see what happens.

If you’re trying to divide the isolines at parameters based on a count, see below how I would do this.


Looks like you need a Dynamo update @acahuana. What version are you on?

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I was using Dynamo 0.9

I was doing a exercise from Dynamo Avanced Tutorials UNIT 2: Family by point - Part 1-2

Are you able to use 2.0.2 or 2.0.3? 0.9 is an old build and often behaves unexpectedly with Revit 2019 in my experience.

0.9 is only stable and installs to up to Revit 2017.

@acahuana can you run the files directly from the dataset without issue?

Try setting the lacing to cross product on the node which is throwing the error.

Thanks a lot! It works for me. I do not know in the video he did different and it worked well.

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