Family based on Surface normals

Hi all and thanks in advance. I am trying to place brackets for facades . Each panel has a different angle than each other and all brackets should be perpendicular to corresponding surface.At this point, problem start.As i place adaptive family to model, it does not inherit the coordinate system of placed geometry.

Blue line is drawn based on point which is perpendicular and bracket should be aligned to this line.

i have tried to rotate component after placement or change the coordinate system with correct coordinate system (which blue line was drawn) , both methods were failed.

what am i doing wrong?

You need to use AdaptiveComponent.ByParametersOnFace instead. Also, make sure AC’s placement points are set to “Host (xyz)” or “Host and Loop System (xyz)”.

Thank you for reply, i tried but stock here.İs this the proper use of that node?

i read related topics and find similar solution but there is an error.
“Warning: AdaptiveComponent.ByParametersOnFace operation failed.
This node requires a ElementFaceReference extracted from a Revit Element! You can use the ImportInstance.ByGeometry to turn this Surface into a Revit Element, then extract a ElementFaceReference from it.”

if i use model element reference, i cant manuplate it further as i posted above.