False values?


Seems like you have an space after the underscore on the name, but not in the Code Block, might this be the reason?

Yea, that’s what I thought but I checked it i Revit and it’s correct there

Try to add the space in the Code Block as well after the underscore.
Also, and if the underscore is not relevant, try only with “Dekke 02”, as it should return true for any case.

Guess what? There was a space in the name, even I had checked it many times :). I guess you just get blind some times working with this thing.

That said, you learnd me something new. So thanks alot for that!!!

Actually there is another problem. I can’t get the type name from the stairs. I’ve searched the internet and it seems to because stair is a system family.

Just need to dig a little deeper:

That worked T_Pover! Thank you!