Faced Based Families on a vertical face

I’m working on placing a face based family (custom rebar) into a beam at the end face, but the families always point down. I need them to be aligned with the direction of the beam. The second set of lines was for a possible vector reference. I’ve had similar issues with other elements I want to place on a vertical faces also. Any help is much appreciated. I’m a newbie so I can’t post multiple pictures.

This node Dynamo Dictionary (dynamobim.com) should help.

Or this node if that doesn’t have enough control for you Dynamo Dictionary (dynamobim.com).

Thanks for your response. I’ve looked at both of these. For what ever reason, it wasn’t working in all directions for me. I have gone an alternate route which worked great. I’ve selected top faces of the beam and was able to transform the perimeter geometry in a -z direction. A smart curve offset (forget the package) worked where I needed it. Also having control over both the z direction and offset allows the user more control of where my longitudinal bars are going. With a few inputs, I can now reinforce a beam in 45 seconds. :slight_smile:

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