Extrude solid face

I have a solid, which is the intersection of a MEP accessory REVIT is a wall.
I represented the solid with a script to make my test. (Original script too heavy)

Question: with the node Geometry.Intersect, I get a solid (REVIT) or Solid (Dynamo)?

Coment extrude both sides in both directions (blue arrow)?

If you can figure out how to locate the correct faces, the Surface.Thicken node will extrude those faces for you. And if you want to end up with a single solid, the Solid.ByUnion node will merge them all back for you:


Thank you for your reply.
I added part of your script, but the solid is extruded on the front, but also to the top.
Should we change {3,5}? How is the order of the faces determined?

Well, in my case the faces are 3 and 9 (I have 10 faces in total)

To isolate faces 3 and 9 a comparison with the vector (black line) should be used?

Okay that’s good.
Perhaps not the best solution, but it works.

Thanks again for the help

Glad you figured it out. The best way to filter out the right surfaces would heavily depend on the rest of your workflow.

I use as vector of comparison the vector of the face of the wall.
Normally in the case of a MEP accessory the vectors are parallel.

The error will come from a sheath that is not perpandicular to the wall …