Extract parameters from MEP space schedule imported from Flux

Hi there,
I am trying to figure out a workaround to compensate for the fact that currently the Flux plugin only allows me to send MEP Spaces (Revit to Flux) but not receive them. As it can be found here:

When importing a space schedule in Dynamo, previously sent 1) from Revit to Flux, 2)from Flux to Excel 3) from Excel(manipulated) to Flux, I obtain a list that I would like to interrogate. More specifically, I would like to extract from that list sublists of values corresponding to the parameters I would like to feed back into my model, to update the definitions of my MEP spaces using the Element.SetParameterByName node. This would allow me to control spaces properties (such as number, name, and other custom parameters I created) using excel - and via Dynamo.

I attach what I have at the moment.