Extract and Export Values of Text Notes


I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to export all the values of the text notes found throughout the model.

I can select all of the TextNotes and I can write data to a CSV, it’s the part in the middle where I extract the values of the text notes that I can’t manage to work.

There’s probably something I’m missing on a basic level.
Thank you!


This should be easy. The only tricky part is the name of the Parameter that stores a text value of a Text Note: “TEXT_TEXT”. I know, it’s quite unusual but that’s what it is. I used nodes from two custom packages: archi-lab and bumblebee.


That is fan-tastic!


Thank you for responding so quickly. I could not find that TEXT_TEXT parameter and everything else was super helpful as well. I would not have been able to complete this task without your help.


Thanks again!!

-T. K.