External component has thrown an exception

Can anyone explain why this error pops out?
I have searched for this specific error in the forum but I cannot find the reason.
Thank you.

You have to connect the value as String or Number, not FamilyType or Instance.

“not a string” means it’s a number or integer.

Hey man, check what’s needed in you project. Can be option select. In this case, you have to find the number of it. Set parameter of an element as you want manually, and use GetParameter, then you will see what’s necessary for the parameter…

Hi @Omar.Elwan
try this

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Thanks, bro for your help. But the input is not a number or string. It is a rebar hook type that sometimes works and sometimes does not.

Hi @c.poupin
It gives me the same error!
I do not know where exactly the problem is.
I even have tried start and end transaction nodes but nothing changed!