Extend lintel both sides

Is there any way you can use dynamo to extend a lintel on both sides based on a size criterion? If say I have a lintel with a bearing of 100, and another with 200, I want to select and extend those lintels by their 2xbearing. by selecting them

Below is the criterion for lintels based on size. If I can get A script similar to this except for bearings it would be appreciated



What Kind of Family is you Lintel?

If you are using a Structural Framing it is quite easy.

You select the Lintel
You extract Curve using the Element.GetLocation Node.
You can use Curve.ExtendStart and Curve.ExtendEnd to Extend the line based on you criteria
then use Element.SetLocation to Assign the Extended Line back to the Selected Lintel Family

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It is structural framing. But how do I create a similar script for bearings based on similar criteria like the one ive shown in my first post? The end lengths need to be extended if the structural framing has a length between say 1500 and 1700.

My script changes a lintel based on length criteria. Now it nows to change the end length based on same criteria. Im just not sure how would you modify it to change to bearings

What so you mean by Bearings? Is that a parameter in the Structural Framing or do you mean something else?

Bearing is how much extra the lintel sits over the opening.

So if window opening is 1000 and the bearing is 100, the lintel length should be 1200.

Lintel length=window+2xbearing.

Im using Australian standards.

Okay well, I refer back to my first post.

This is what it looks like in Dynamo

You can easily combine this with the First graph image you posted (By changing the Type according the length of the Beam

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