Export to Excel


is it possible to insert a blank row in excel after each grouping of parameters.
i have a data export with many parameters which works fine and i have the data grouped but i would like to have a blank row between each grouping. or alternatively have the grouping parameter as a heading only ?
I get this with my export:

and would like to get this:


Yes it is possible. I can tell you how I do it - I use blank value “”;
If you use Bumbelbee and write in rows like I do you would need a structure like this:
{“Breather cap”, 106, “H12”, “”, 21, 1260, 21, 500, 305, 500};
{“Breather cap 2”, 201, “H25”, “”, 21, 6020, 0, 6.020, 0, 0};

thanks Julian. i think that makes sense. will give it a try