Export to excel at level

Hi All, i made a file to export BOQ to excel, it’s work but in excel i see the types one beside the other, it’s possible to make them one under the other.

try list.transpose, could you upload an excel file of the current export and of how you want it to be?

this excel sheet that i exported from dynamo

Could you also upload a sheet which shows us what you are trying to get? this way its easyer to understand.

Hi Schafoortyoeri,
i want to see walls then floor

what would happen if you transpose the lists before you join them?
currently i dont have time to reduplicate the graph, if this wont do the trick ill look in to it later :slight_smile:

it’s work perfectly, thank you

now, look correct

What if the general shapeof the building is not rectangulare ?is that graph still apply on the building ?what if i need to do quantities by room ? Is it possible