Export to DWF with layer information


Does anyone know how to export Sheets to DWF with layer information?



At my knowlege, the layerinformation is stored in an .txt.
You mean .dwg. DWF is a free-reader



Hi, thanks for helping out.

I can export to DWG with layer information, with no problem, but DWF doesn’t export with that info.

Yes, I have my definitions for layer names (in the dialogue box that you mention).

I do not believe this is supported; the known work-around is to export to DWG and then export to DWF.

Yes, I know (actually I created this post you mentioned, in the forum).

But the problem is that exporting to DWG is not a linear process, for example, you will need to edit each DWG drawing with the printer specifications (scale and page-size), when working with 200 sheets, is simply not workable.

But, having said that, is there a way to export to DWG with the correct settings for the sheet size?

Exporting to DWG is pretty straightforward; what issue are you having with sheet size?

The DWG export process is quite linear; once you’re into the DWG format you can bulk process in AutoCAD to get the format you’re after, making it a fairly straightforward process.

Depending on what you want the DWF layer info for, you may be better off just running multiple exports to DWF format and merging them in whatever application you’re using the DWFs in.

If I can export to DWG correctly, I can batch convert to DWF inside AutoCAD with no problem.

The issue is that the exported Revit sheet to AutoCAD will not keep the used paper size settings, instead it will use the default AutoCAD sheet size in “scale-to-fit”, which is an issue when you have sheets of different sizes, and you have to correct the size of all sheets one by one.

Ah. Setting the page size of the sheet isn’t too bad either.

Get the paper spaces from the block table > get the title block in each paper space > find the identifier indicating size on the TB (name, dimensions, scale factor… ideally not a geometry thing) > adjust that sheet’s paper size accordingly

Correct, but is there a workarount to do this automatically?

The steps I outlined above can be automated, yes. The question of ‘how’ is a bit off topic, so best to start a new thread. The overall architecture of your solution will require a BUNCH more insight than what you’ve provided, so be sure to give a sample set of ~3 .DWGs with the exported views needing page size adjustments as noted.