Export simplified version of Floor element geometry


I’m currently working with floor elements containing complex geometry. I have drawn the following sketch, in which the black boxes represent different floor elements.

Notice that there may be cutouts in the floor elements themselves and that the different floor elements may have different elevations and thicknesses. Also, the floor boundaries are not limited to straight lines, but may also contain arcs and splines.

I wish to export the complex 3D geometry into something more workable in 2D (i.e. a Surface). The exact volumes/areas are not important.

I have tried the following:

  • Getting the elementsketch of the floors (not very efficient and some elements produce errors)
  • Getting the actual geometry of the floors using Element.Faces or Element.Geometry (very inefficient and some elements produce errors)

However, the outcome I wish is right there in the UI. It is simply all the “white areas” in the sketch, since the inverse of this represents the floor. Is there any smart way to retrieve the XYZ of this geometry?

Hello and welcome…do you mean something …here i export to drafting view…from model view…

Yes, this solves it! The key was using the filled region by multiple curves node

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