Export Revit Physical Information With Dynamo

Hello all,
I need to export a physical information from a Revit material with Dynamo.
In this forum I’ve found a Python script that can export a physical attribute, but i cannot change the physical attribute with a physical information. I think that the image is more clear.
Thank you!

Hello, for export purposes, couldn’t you simply use the OOTB Material.StructuralParameters node?

Setting those values with Dynamo seems to be another story indeed…

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Thanks for the answer. I didn’t know this node before!
But my problem is that I have to export in Excel just the value and with this node I export a sentence.

You’re up against a data format issue, pulling strings when you want numbers. Try modifying one of the examples below to get the data you are looking for in excel.

As mentioned by @Yna_Db above, moving the data back from excel into Revit will be another issue entirely.

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Thank you very much for the help!