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Managed to get a export to Excel running successfully using Dynamo. I am now trying to use this tool for exporting pile loads out to Excel, the engineer to change them then push them back into the model.

I’ve created a number of parameters using the structural load parameters. I seem to be experiencing some strange outputs in the excel document I was wondering if someone could tell me why this is happening.

I used the structural force parameters for ‘Pile Load Max Axial’ and used a common number parameter for ‘Pile Load’. The only thing I can think that is causing it is because it is being pushed through a number prior to exporting to Excel.

Many thanks

Excel output Pile Load Parameters Out to excel



The screenshot is not clear.

What is the shared parameter type ?


Hi Thanks for your response ‘Pile Load Max Axial’ is Structural / Force shared parameter. When entered as 10.000kN in Revit when exported to excel it comes out as 32808.4.


It’s a unit conversion problem, just find the factor and use it as a multiplier.


Actually, 10km (kilometer) = 32808.4 feet

The unit is probably kN-m and is being converted to kN-ft

Just guessing :slight_smile:


guessed correctly :slight_smile:


Any suggestions how to stop it exporting it this way? I want it to export it as it is in the model.




My Revit is set up to be kN/M as we don’t use feet and inches here in the UK anymore :slight_smile:


The issue has something to do with Revit being inherently Imperial :slight_smile:

Dividing those consistently faulty results by 3280.84 is a possible workaround.


The metric system fails again!


Thanks I will keep playing to I solve it. Very frustrating.