Export a list of Revit 3D views into NWC through Python

It works great! Thank you! It saved me lot of work (+40 exports each time, with name changes,…)

Hi @4bimfercesp ,

Thanks for sharing the code it works perfect when exporting my view to NWC. Do you have any idea how I can control the naming of my exported files ? I would like the nwc file to have the name of the Revit file from which the 3d view is generated. Thanks and sorry for the stupid questions as I just started using Dynamo. Cheers !


There are custom nodes for exporting naviswork files in multiple packages.
You can find the Export NWC in Document node in Genius Loci package.


Thanks @Alban_de_Chasteigner I have managed to export it now to NWC.

Hi Alban,

I guess, this node exports all 3D views and combines in single NWC.

Is there any way to export multiple 3D views to their individual NWCs?


Yes, the node exports as many NWC files as views inputed.
Note that the list of file names and the list of views must be the same length.

You have also an option to choose if you want to export the linked revit files.

Thanks Alban,

Now multple NWCs are exporting based on list of views. But, all the NWCs have same content as per active 3D view. For example, if active view is Level 01, all NWCs will have Level 01 content.

sorry for asking these basic questions.


You must set the lacing on longest to export multiple views.


Thank you very much Alban.

It saves my lot of time.

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For some reason , exported nwc file contains room geometry.
how to manage that setting in the script.



Edit the custom node and in the line 40 replace True by False.

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I have re-created your script, but i am getting all Nulls

The node has been modified since January so please try without the longest lacing.


Thanks for the quick response.

Same result

Thank you for finding this mistake.
There is a problem with the name of an input. I will fix it quickly.
For now, edit the custom node and paste the python script into your graph.

I keep getting this error no matter what I try…

Warning: IronPythonEvaluator.EvaluateIronPythonScript operation failed.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 43, in
AttributeError: ‘Document’ object has no attribute ‘Export’

Navisworks exporters appear to be installed…

I tried this and its working fine. However, I’d like to use a user input filename…I have no knowledge in phyton

how do i edit this line to show the user input filename?
I am using data shapes Textbox data so i can put there a default filename.

doc.Export(path, name + “_” + i.Name, Options)

Here is a script i put together using @john_pierson Document.BackgroundOpen. It allows me to export views from other files in the background too! Thanks both for your amazing work! :slight_smile:


@Renzoj14 can you share the script.
Actually image not clear. So it is better if you share the script.