Explode Surfaces Filter

I have a model which contains Structural Framing, Structural Columns, Floors & Wall got them into dynamo and did a union of their geometry after that exploded them now I have only surfaces.
now is the query that can we filter surfaces by elements?

Hi @jazzsharma200
You can create a boolean mask using Geometry.DoesIntersect, it will check if each surface intersect one of the elemenrs geometry. An then filter them with List.FilterByBoolMask .
But it will be a heavy operation if there is a lot of elements…

Can you show this with the help of nodes?

Why not skip the boolean and just go with the explode right after the element.geometry?

Can’t do that as I have to remove the overlapping areas so the union is a must then explode.

An other issue is that you will have some surfaces wich belongs to severals elements…

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Sounds like you should address the underlying issue with the modeling to remove the geometric overlap as a first step. This will also aid with coordination efforts due to accurate clash detection. You could perhaps do the union, make the polysurface of the Union, and intersect that with the original geometry to get the unioned surfaces per element. This will be VERY slow though due to the complexity and number of intersections.

A snapshot of the model issues so we understand the geometry issues at play, and insight into your end goal will likely help.

I have added the Dynamo file and the model, please have a look.