Exercise goes wrong

I’m doing an exercise for school and something went wrong. i fully copied the nodes, but it does not work. in the link the exercise is visable.

Link to exercise: Logic | The Dynamo Primer

this is the second part

The Flatten Nodes are grey and are telling you that they still need input to work. (the second input port).

It is:
a) not using it’s default value (Right click on the amt input and enable the Use Default.)
b) You are using an old version of Dynamo where this Flatten Node needs both inputs active. Newer versions have the default value enabled here so they do not need an explicit input.

So the Flatten Nodes do not work, you do not get a point, the Cuboid Node does not get an origin and gives an error.

Look in the Primer, it has a chapter about which colour Node means in which state they are in.