Excel to Revit Compare Elements by Parameter

I wasn’t sure how to name the title, but here goes my question:

i’m basically trying to get all the true answers shown in the image to push into the air flow rate parameter based on the list below, these are taken from excel.
However I need the references to match the ones in the project so it pushes the correct air flow into the correct air terminal… I feel like I am very close with the end of the script below, but just can’t seem to tie it up,

Find Air Terminal Ref Part 2.dyn (15.8 KB)

Just realised the entire selection of the right equipment based on matching with the excel references to the Revit references isn’t working either, got myself lost. Feel free to delete this post.

I think the problem is that the matched list doesn’t give you the right order to apply SetParameterByName function.
However, if you consider using python script node, Core code is drafted below:

# data from excel
# use dynamo nodes or hard code it
air_dict = {
    'SG/01/04' : 0.370,
    'SG/01/05' : 0.635,

# find all air terminal instances
elements = doc.filterElement(...)

# iterate over all elements
for ele in elements:

    # get the air flow rate parameter of current element
    flow_rate = ele.get_Parameter(...)

    # compare the value from excel
    if flow_rate in air_dict:

    # find a match, set the parameter of current element

Hi @erfajo
In case of we need to get more than one parameter (flow, heat, pressure) what so you think its the fast way? By index match values or by another iteractions inside?
In this case( xlsFlow would be a list with sublists of n parameters values)
Sorry for write in this post if you need i will open another one.