Excel reading past the last line of data

I’m reading data from an excel file and it reads way past the last line of data giving me a lot of empty values, any idea why?


you could use Bumblebee for this and it has ability to specify a Range of how much get’s read in. With out of the box nodes it uses Worksheet.UsedRange() method wich will return cells as part of used range when they were touched, size changed, they have formatting applied etc. Pretty annoying.

Let me guess, the scrollbar button in Excel is tiny as well? In that case, you can clean up Excel by removing empty rows.

I cleaned it up removing nulls but i feel better to know that i’m not alone :slight_smile:

As for Excel, no the scrollbar is not tiny, i actually thought it could have been part of the problem so i tested with a brand new file and i also get it.


Thanks guys