Excel Export Data to specific cells

Hi All,
I was hoping somebody could help me out with my export of excel data.
I need to export into a list of specific cells without overwriting and entire row or column.
I found a way to do this, but it is multiplying the data for each new cell that I try to export.
It is starting to get very slow and for no seemingly good reason.

The spreadsheet has only 29,400 cells, but when I put in specific data for six values, I get 176,400.
And I need to put a lot more data into specific cells.


I managed to reduce the output back to 29,400, but then only the first cell gets updated.

Might be easier to read the excel data, insert the relevant bits, and then write it back out em-masse.

Thanks Jacob,
That was my first option. I managed to read a column and replace it only with the bits that I wanted. Unfortunately, all of the formulas were overwritten with static values when I exported that column back to excel.

Ah. Do all formulas and display in sheet 2, referencing values written to sheet 1.

Used to manage all of my excel interop for CA stuff this way.

Hmmmm… I guess that could work. The only other setback is that the column includes over 600 values. It would be a shame to take the extra time to overwrite them all when you only need around 50. The run time changes from seconds to over a minute.
I also do not have control over the creation of the spreadsheet. Cells get taken and removed a lot. I can guarantee that specific cells will remain with some confidence, but the estimator remains in the driver’s seat.

For this sort of thing I suggest using Bumblebee, or writing to a back of house table and using vlookups or cell value replication (matching cells on front of house based on back of house).

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Yeah this is what I was getting to with the ‘sheet1’ and ‘sheet2’ stuff. No need to write the full set either - just the changed values (assuming you have filtered them down correctly in the expected order.

Thanks. It occurs to me that this problem may not be solved the way that I was going about it. I’ll try one one of your different approaches.