Excel Data Rows Filter Based on Code for Survey csv data


I am in beginner level and having trouble to sort data by values. I have some csv data from field survey like PM(Permanent Mark), DHW, STN NAIL etc… I can create dynamo lines from point list but can’t filter,group or sort data pased on code. The survey data is in P E N Z C format (point Number, easting, northing, height, code).

I want to filter only by code then create lines only from filtered points.


Thank U

try this script along with attached excel file.

Hope it helps.

123456.xlsx (8.6 KB)
Try.dyn (32.2 KB)

I appreciate your help. But the dynamo file isn’t opening. it showing it’s corrupted. I tried by myself and was able to filter lists by code. But the problem facing is with stringing like window1, window2, wall1 , wall2 etc.

Would you like to upload again to try more.

Open with dynamo 2.02