Error intersecting between solid and plane to get surfaces

So i was trying to getting perimeter of a floor,

I already have solids floors thats traversable by using VASA’s nodes. after that i wanted to get the perimeter of it by intersecting the solids and plane by its floor level itself. and resulting a surface that i can get the perimeter of it.

Its doing fine at the other rvt file, but on this file it has some error issue at geometry.intersect nodes resulting nulls and warning: curve - osculate at vertex cannot evaluate order

The plane itself, i set offset because the results of traversablevoxel is a little offset from its original element.

I wonder what the meaning of the warning and why just only on this rvt project. and how to solve this.

Is it possible that the level plane has a boundary that is coincident with a solid vertical face?
Perhaps scale the level plane in the XY axes? Adjust plane offset?

yes i already have adjust plane offset

even im using code block 1…100.100 to get the distance offset but still getting nulls