Envisioning DYN files on Autodesk Docs

Hey ACC, BIM360, Autodesk Docs users! If you could get more out of DYN files stored on Autodesk Docs, what would you want to be able to see and/or do? For this exercise, please assume Desktop Connector works well.


The ability to see package dependencies and Dynamo version would be nice.

Even better: being able to store DYN alongside the needed packages (with DYN pointing to that location) so the users dont have to worry about packages at all…


Being able to link to the ACC environment easier, I have to use a custom Python script now everytime since the “Current User” constantly switches and therefor breaks file- & directory path nodes.

Not too big of a problem, but an OOTB solution would be better, especially since the new update which enables end-users to set their default ACC-directory wherever they want.

Agree 100%, and it would be even more awesome to see this work without having to open Dynamo.

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Question on this…

Would your IT be ok with people running code natively in the local environment which came directly off of a web site, no questions asked?


Jacob keep in mind that ACC does have managed permissions! We are also working on trusted locations for Dynamo and Players…

Thanks for the great ideas on packages dependencies and Dynamo version. Would it be helpful to have this if it was just the packages in use - not necessarily installing them?

Also, what are your thoughts on seeing the graph IN Docs? Not that you could edit it or run it, but just so you could see it, zoom around, etc. It would be in it’s NOT RUN state. (or we could put a screen shot or something of last run state - better?) Would either be useful in understanding what it’s doing? Maybe using markups to communicate with others?


I can see this as being both a positive and a negative.

Positive: This could be nice little trick when trying to troubleshoot at a macro level, but it would be really hard to know what’s going on without having access to any of the run data. I understand not wanting to edit or run from this location but it would be nice if we could still see the most recent run data.

Negative: If I’m sharing my graph with other consultants/designers, I may not want them to be able to see my graph. I might be willing to share the automation with them but I don’t want them to be able to “steal” the logic that I’ve developed. Maybe this just gets handled by multiple permissions levels.


Additionally, though probably outside of the scope of this feedback, it would be incredibly helpful if we could then run GD on the cloud platforms. There are many GD workflows that benefit from all disciplines being involved at an early stage, often before design has even started for some of them.

Example: Room geometry plays a huge role in MEP systems layouts. Using GD to solve those system layouts with static room geometry tends to have a fairly low return on investment, even if the Architect used GD to layout their rooms. Being able to run a shared dyn for these cross-discipline workflows means that the Architect and the Engineer can make decisions at the same time, in the same space, with everybody’s criteria from the beginning, rather than having to break these steps into isolated decisions. It would make data sharing and decision making much more cooperative.

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I think it would be ok, but I’d have to try first to be completely honest. I’m sure we could figure that out since they arent overly tight in general…