Enumerate Coordinate points


Hi everyone!

I am right now designing floor with a peculiar geometry, that results in a quite big amount of coordinate points (referred to the project base point , NO survey point) that I would like to enumerate and schedule.

I don´t find any project parameter that could be applied to the coordinate points, neither is there any “mark” field in the “coordinate point” family, and since it is a system family, I don`t know how to edit it. I want to identify each point so in the later exported EXCEL list, the appearance is something like this.


I think that I can find the info to extract the coordinates from the model points, following this topic : http://dynamobim.org/forums/topic/xyz-point-coordinate-list/

I hope somebody can help me, thanks in advance!


Are u looking 4 something like dis…?


Hi Saju

Thaks for your fast answer. I am quite new to this world of Dynamo, but I am fascinated with it and learning fast. That is why I may do some noobs mistakes, or ask things that may sound stupid for the veteran dynamo users. If it is like that, my apologies.

Well, If I understand correctly, you have extract the curves from a surface, and then the points of the curve. Well that sounds to future steps. I am not so ambitious yet,

I have some Coordinate points on a floor which a complicated geometry, resulting in 73 (X,Y,Z) points. I want to Identify these points with a Code, Someone knows how to give a CODE to a coordinate point? (the coordinate point system family has no field called: Comments, or Marks. And I cannot add project parameters to this kind of family, as far as I know)

Mi final idea is to get a List with 4 columns, the first with the point Code (for example, A01) , the second for the X coordenate of the point, the third for the Y coordenate of the point, and the fourth for the Z coordenate. It should look like something like this:


Thank you very much!


May I know the objective of adding a comment or parameter is it just to export to excel…?



The target of identifying each point with a code, is to locate them easily, and improve the communication with my client when we are talking about a specific point of the floor. I would like to use a code like A01, B03, C02…the letter means the break line where the point is included, and the number is the number of the point inside that break line.

for example I could communicate with my client by saying " the coordinates of point A02 must be updated to X 23,22 , Y 1,34 , Z 3,56)". I think that is gonna be easier.

Then, for a better layout, I would like to have just the code on the point (A01, B03,C02…) and the X,Y,Z of each point in a excel list.


Since there is no parameter for vertex on floor you can duplicate a view dedicated for this purpose if you like and run this…!

how ever you need to re-run the script after updating the profile to get the result…!

does this work for your project…??

floor vertex location.dyn (221.4 KB)


Hi Saju!

Thanks a lot for the help. I am looking forward to adjust my model to your dynamo File. But looks like it is going to work, I will report you as soon as this works.

Ty mate!