Element Subcategories (Clockwork Package)


I’m trying to build a Dynamo script to output all Subcategories of a given Category in a Project.

This uses some elements of the Clockwork package, and it all works as far as I can tell - it doesn’t throw errors - I just can’t work out how to extract the Subcategory names.

The image below shows what I have built so far.


subcatAs you can see, the output is a list of some form of object data, but I can’t extract the actual Subcategory names from this. I looked inside the Category.Subcategories code block itself, but all the actual work is done by Python scripts, which I don’t fully understand.

Is there any way getting the Subcategory names in String format?



Those subcategories are “unwrapped” because Dynamo doesn’t have a native equivalent. You’ll have to use a tiny bit of python to get the names:


Thank you very much, thats exactly what I was after! Is that particular code just ‘a Python thing’ or do you need to know very specifically what method (I think thats a method…) would work in this situation?

Speaking of Python, I couldn’t get it to work with the ‘Python Script from String’ block; it throws an error about unexpected EOF while parsing. Oddly, when I put the same code into a Python Script block - it works!