Element Geometry from CAD file

Hi there,

Don’t really know why it is just selecting just some of the lines/polycurves and it is not selecting all of them


I’ve discovered that if I add a new line in the CAD file, sth happend and it doesn’t work properly. The thing is that I don’t know why and how I could fix it.

I’ve had more luck with exporting the cad file to a SAT first. Then you can use the importFromSAT nodes to pull the geometry right from the file. It is similar to this workflow https://dynamonodes.com/2016/02/14/rhino-to-revit/

Thks John,

The thing is that what I am importing to dynamo is a 2D CAD file. I use those lines to set some walls, ducts or whatever. You can’t export 2D CAD files to sat or at least, I don’t know how to do it.

Well, If I import the CAD file instead of link it and then I explode it, revit recognises all the lines. But if I just link it, revit doesn’t detect all the lines :frowning: