Element.Faces - Warning

What is this warning? Im trying to create faces from doors.

@moeng Could this work for you?

Same error?

Show complete graph with all the previews on and errors expanded. It will help others to understand your issue.

Sorry. Here it is.

what does the error says at Element.Solid?

@moeng What is the error?

Warning: Element.get_Solids operation failed.
trim_with_edge_loops requires all curves to touch surface

Its only when the category is doors. When its windows there is no error.

why do you need solids? What is your end goal.

Actually I need surfaces. To get the area and perimeter of each window and door.

@moeng Why don’t you

  1. sort windows/door by type

  2. Count how many instances of each type

  3. Get the parameters width and height . Do some math.

That was my first thought. But the windows and doors are not always rectangular.
So if I get the surfaces I could get the right area and parameter.