Electrical system not show

I need some help with the Electrical System and Revit.
I try to add an electrical system into a working template where is imported to some family.
I created on MEP Settings - Electrical Settings
I add a panel and named P1 but I cannot link because it is not shown on Electrical Circuits into Panel section.
The System Browser show me this:

You can see, the Distribution System is not show on Revit !!

… and Voltage Definition:

You have no Voltage Definitions setup for your Distribution. You need to create the appropriate voltages and make sure the equipment you’re using meets the requirements for using the Distribution System you’ve created.

Nick_Boyts No…I set the Voltage Definitions … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFIFG06ACPg

Make sure your panel has those same values. It needs to be set to 1PH, 240V as well.

… panel name is not the solution because it works as in the video tutorial and
the problem was that the panel parameter came with a wrong definition of 230V!
thank you for help …