Edit list based on different statements(CPT data)

Hi all,

I’m currently working on a geotechnical function for pile foundations for our company. i ran into some issues/challenges with the function. when having pile foundations with the pile toe in a good layer you can use positive skin frinction to increase the bearingcapacity of the pile. The eurocode 7 gives rules for this, and i’m trying to get these rules into my dynamo sheet so my script will work conform the eurocode.

The eurocde gives three statements you have to take in consideration when determining the cone resistance(QC in mpa) for the positive skin friction.
1: cone resistance >12 mpa, but layer where this occurs les than 1m. max 12 mpa.
2: cone resistance somewhere above 12 and 15 mpa but with a pull back and layer thicknes greater than or equal to 1m. us the minimum of the pull back.
3: cone resistance >15 mpa, and layer where this occurs greater than or equal to 1m. max 15 mpa.

See this figure from the eurocde. (top in graph 1 is statement 3(cut a-a), bottom in graph 1 is statement 1(cut b-b)). top in graph 2 is statement 2(cut a-a).

See this picture from a cpt i have done by hand.

Here in detail view the statements(red line is the line to use for further calculation conform the eurocode)

So i started with a dynamo script with the statements, but i can’t figure out how to apply the thickness rules on the data. see my graph below.

I hope someone of you can help me a little with this or point me in the right direction how to handle the statements. i don’t mind if it’s going to be a python script.

the reason i wan’t to use dynamo is because it’s good in repeating task and work easy when the cpt input changes to a different CPT.

Thanks in advance.

Gr Edward.

Dynamo scriptTest tbv reduced qc 0_02.dyn (5.9 KB)
Excel fileGEF Data.xlsx (241.3 KB)

@SeanP @JacobSmall does one of you know how to go with this or know an another member on the forum?

Thanks in advance.

Try converting to a number from string to make sure it isn’t trying to compare text.