Eccentricity in Dynamo

Hello everyone!

The picture shows two cases. On the right, the beam isn’t eccentric and I can model it in dynamo, but on the left, there’s a eccentricity, how can I introduce it?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t mean for this to come off as condescending, but how would you do it in Revit? You usually go about things the same way in Dynamo as you would in Revit. Place the beam. Set any offsets. Apply parameter values. It’s the same process just automated.

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What do you mean by “eccentricity”? Do you mean “z Justification” in beams?
Please read this link.


Seconded, I see a lot of people trying to get Dynamo to do way too much - there’s a perfectly good system with parameters in Revit!

Z offset = profile height/-2

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