Ah that node requires the latest version of DynaShape. Please check the updated installer.

You can also set up this simulation without that node, but it will takes some work


works perfectly with rvt2019/dynamo2.0.1/dynashape0.5.1.1:pray:
let’s play…


Thanks for the good comments that I recommend. I know a lot more.:ta บอลออนไลน์


I try to set family with 4 adaptive points
but ı cant
ıt set a family every point
what ı missed

please help me


Hi @LongNguyen, I think it’s better to continue on this thresd… So… I successfully installed it on my laptop running Dynamo 1.3 and it was successful. However, after running Dynamo, I get this:

Any ideas?


hi @LongNguyen
i have below problem on installation

Dynamo Version :


Please check the download link again, I just put the package there in the “Manual Setup” folder, you can just unrar and place the copy the _DynaShape folder to the Dynamo custom package directory.

You don’t have to use the installer, I will eventually remove it since it is no longer needed in Dynamo 2


Hello, @LongNguyen , so we finally installed dynashape and starting to run the sample files. we are getting a lot of errors off the bat. see below. is there nodes that we have to install first to get this thing going?


Hi. Have you installed the MeshToolkit package?


Thanks for the prompt reply ! just did right now. but still same problem. see screen capture below


@LongNguyen, Do you have a list of nodes / custom nodes that we can use as checklist to ensure all relevant nodes are onboard?


@LongNguyen , Resolved! we had to restart dynamo for the mesh tool to be recognized , not just the example file reload. Baby steps . but beginning to play with the sample files. thanks @LongNguyen

@LongNguyen, do you provide online instructions on dynashape ? or are there step by step youtube videos of your 12 examples ?