DynamoSettings.xml not seeing env variable %userprofile%

We want to deploy a custom folder within the attribute however
it does NOT recognize the %userprofile% environment variable.

If we want to do this company wide we need to use %userprofile% for deployment.

Is there another way around this?

Hi @Yab,
Could you host this information in a common folder outside the user profile such as C:\Program Data?
You can expand %userprofile% (i.e. home directory) with python 3 like this

from pathlib import Path
# Path("~").expanduser()
OUT = Path.home()

or for IronPython 2 (and python 3 if you have to use %userprofile%)

import os
# os.path.expanduser("~")
# os.environ["userprofile"]
OUT =  os.path.expandvars("%userprofile%")