Dynamo stucks in running mode

Hello ! Dynamo stucks in the running mode after a while. I drew a cuboid and the geometry came up in the window, but when i try to update it, i disappears an dynamo get stucked in the running mode…

Same with elements from Revit, like picking all category elments - stucks in running mode.

i removed alle my additional packages.

Using Dynamo and Revit 22

it is always recommended to use the manual mode (bottom left corner).
Please try this and let us know.


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Yes i used the manual mode, didn’t solve the problem.

Is there an error log somewhere that i can look up ?

You’ll have to restart dynamo and then in manual mode, try this again, it will work.

Ok i got it. I didn’t know that dynamo does not run when u have an element in revit selected. I had to press ESC a couple of times to get out of all the selection modes in revit. So this is the solution

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No this is not the case, infact there are nodes which we use in dynamo to select elements.

But i still had a wall element in revit selected while runnung a script where i pick all the wall elements by category. This only works when u have no element selected that u want to get information of. Am i right ?

No that’s not true.
It solely depends on what nodes youre using or what is the active document.

Dynamo should run when you have stuff selected.

However it will not run when you have a Revit command active, so it will not run if you hit a shortcut key to say draw a wall while exploring the model confirm you had all objects modified correctly. Once the command is quit (via esc in Revit) Dynamo will work once again.