Dynamo-Standalone for Mac OS X

Hi Everyone,

Is it possible to compile the Dynamo (stand-alone) package to run on Mac OS X? Assume DesignScript & Python work on Mac OS X, I suppose this is not asking for too much!

Agreed that there’s no Revit version for the Mac yet; so there will be times when the full functionality is not possible; still, it would help to make the initial stages cross-platform compatible…


Is this possible…?

Thanks & Regards,

R. Chandrasekar.

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Hello Chandrasekar Rajamani,

Right now Dynamo can not be compiled on Mac.

In future we may support that.



Hi R. Chandrasekar,

Could you tell us a little more about what you would like to do with Dynamo on the Mac? What are the initial workflows for which you are interested in using Dynamo standalone for Mac? Thanks,


Hello @Ritesh_Chandawar.

I want to ask you if you know how is been develop the project of running dynamo on linux and Mac

in the git repository, on the wiki is a page with intrusions for build in Mac o linux. but I ma sure how to run it.

Do you know more about it. Thanks.

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you can build dynamo core on Mac (or linux) and run it using the mono project. A cross platform runtime for .net, but you will not have the visual UI - you’ll have to use the Command Line interface or write your own UI.