Dynamo Scripts created by other versions

Hello, we are using 2 versions of revit (2019.2 & 2022 / 2022.1) and i always try to create dynamo scripts which work properly with all these versions
However, in a third computer with revit 2022.1 i created a dynamo script but it wouldn’t be opened in any lower versions.
Actually i don’t know what is the rule, which dynamo versions cant open other versions because maybe all i need is to just re-install Revit properly in that 3rd computer

I just need to know the rule in order not to damage a script by saving it with a higher incompatible version

Also please i need to know what version of dynamo should be installed with rvt2022 and rvt 2022.1


Install “Dynamo Future File” in the older versions.

This fixes an issue with drop downs breaking.

when i downloaded this packages, dynamo told me that it is from newer version, is this ok ?
and if you please give me a hint of how does it work

Most pack saves will be consistent between most current Revit versions (2021-2023). Archi-lab is different and you can click the link here (archi-lab) for info.

For the future file thing, it patches a regression introduced in newer versions.

I have an AU class going over some of these considerations,

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Thanks to you, i’ll watch the video