Dynamo & SAP2000

Hello Everyone,

I was trying to link revit with SAP2000 using Dynamo like this example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3A_kfmoIzgk.

Here is a sample code in python http://docs.csiamerica.com/help-files/sap2000-oapi/Example_Code/Example_7_(Python).htm

Can I run a python code from the node ? The code will be saved externally in a text file.

I would also like any tutorials for using python in Dynamo.


Newbie to python

The link you provided states:

“This example is written for Python 3.0 or higher. It is based on the Sap2000 verification problem Example 1-001.”

Dynamo implements IronPython, which from what I understand does not have support for Python3 functionality yet.

The video you linked to seems to be using zero-touch libraries which are based on C#. So to replicate the video’s workflow, you might need to get the .dll libraries for those custom nodes first.

The folks at TT Core Studio are are rockstars and what they show in that video is not easily re-created by us mortals (they have not published a SAP2000 package that I know of). That said, you could likely replicate something similar by taking advantage of Dynamo’s and SAP’s capabilites to read/write with Excel. The Excel formatting would be very important and I would suggest creating a small model in SAP and exporting all tables available to the SAP2000 Excel format (there will be around 800 unique sheets in the resulting Excel File) in order to see the way you need to format the data.

I’ll give it a try, not sure if it will work

thanks guys

I’m also very interested in TT Core Studio’s package. (I’d like to get as much data as I can from SAP2000 without learning its API)

They were planning to release a pack around these days… Hope everything’s going as planned.

Hi All - thanks for the interest in the Dynamo <> SAP2000 plugin we are working on over here at CORE studio, and for the very kind words! We are almost ready for our first open source release of this project - I’d bet some time withing the next couple of weeks or so.

Amin, Mehmet, if you could give us an idea about the types of workflows you are interested in, that would be very helpful.

Cheers, Ben

Hi Benjamin,

I’m a great admirer of Core. I was very excited about your youtube video and I had the chance to talk about our workflow with Elcin. To sum it up:

Unlike the projects like the ones we have worked with you guys (http://www.tekla.com/global-bim-awards-2013/bim-baku-olympic-stadium.html) most of our projects are Industrial Buildings. As the design process of these kind of buildings relies heavily on structural optimization, SAP2000 is used as a major design tool.

The usual workflow for us:

Architects --> Arch Model (Revit)

Mech. Elec. Engineers --> MEP Models (Revit / PDMS)

Str. Engineers --> SAP2000 --> Str. Drafters --> Str. Model (Revit + Tekla)

A more seamless way than “Getting excel sheets from SAP2000 and generating geometry in Revit” is always welcomed!

I’d really love to get as much data as I can from SAP2000 without needing to learn much about it’s API.

Hi Benjamin,

Really looking forward to the release. The workflow I’m looking forward to is actually in ETABS. I’m familiar with SAP API, and my target is automating design within revit.


DynamoSAP is available in the Package Manager! Thanks tt_core!



Cant seem to get the Analysis.Run node to work. Any ideas?Analysis Run Fail

What does the error message say? Do you have SAP2000 v16?

Does this package not work with SAP version 15?

Yes we have Version 16. The error says “Analysis.Run Operation Failed”. We tried it on several different models with the same results.

Hi all,

Ben, we have not tested the package with version 15. It has been built for version 16.


Shaun, please get the latest version of DynamoSAP from the package manager. We released it last week and it includes a sample file to run the analysis of a SAP model: C:\Users%username%\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo.7\packages\DynamoSAP\extra


Let me know if you have any other questions.





Hi All,

I had installed the DynamoSAP 0.1.17 on DYNAMO however I can’t see it in the user interface!!!



Has anyone been able to run this addin? I can’t get it to show up in the user interface either.


Can you be more specific what exactly your looking for or create a new post with screenshots of your work.

This is has been shared here : Dynamo to SAP2000 or ETABS