Dynamo Primer 8.4 Creating Direct Shape

Hi, I am working my way through the primer and the link for the ARCH-DirectShape-BaseFile.rvt downloads a revit file that fails to open in revit 2020. Does anyone have a working copy of that revit file?


Looks like this file is corrupted beyond repair. :frowning:

FYI @solamour we may need to find a backup somewhere.

@Kyle_Roseman it looks like you can add two model lines along the edges of the atrium in the previous file to keep moving forward as indicated in the primer, or you could use the “Select Edge” node instead of selecting the model line elements.

@JacobSmall Thanks for the suggestion. I wasn’t sure if there was something added to that particular file that wasn’t part of the other sample files that are in that chapter. It should probably noted that if adding a model line to one of the other examples earlier in the chapter that using the pick lines tool may produce unexcpected results. Best to “trace” the edges starting at the same end of the mass for the model lines.