Dynamo Preview in Civil 3D

Is it possible to have the Dynamo Background 3D preview in Civil 3D the same as it is in Revit, with the blue linework? And not having to draw things into Civil 3D to see them outside dynamo.

If not it would be super useful to have.

The blue linework should be there just like it is in Revit. If you are dealing with Civil 3D objects that are a far from the origin (which is often the case), then you won’t see the grid because it only shows for a certain extent.

Have you tried right-clicking in the 3D preview mode and doing “Zoom to Fit”?

Zoom to Fit

I works inside the Dynamo background preview as expected including the grid, but if you want to see linework etc in Civil 3D workspace as ghosted/virtual geometry it does not show up, this maybe a distance from origin issue.

As far as I know, this isn’t possible. Confirm by going into the view menu, choosing background preview, available previews, and looking at the options (Background Preview being for Dynamo, any other options possibly being for C3D. If there are no other options, then C3D would need to add that feature, and the best course of action would be to submit an Ideas request accordingly to get it in front of Dev.

That’s what has confused me as it has an option for it. Just checked again and it says default background preview so maybe its not connected yet. Where do i submit a request to get it added, is there also a git hub page for this?

The Civil 3D team has not moved the integration to GitHub.

Creating a support ticket as you would for any other C3D issue is the best way to report a bug or other issue.