Dynamo Player preview polycurve

Hi guys!

I created a dynamo script to have visual feedback which rooms in my apartment are connected to my apartment ID and considered in the total area for each flat. It works fine in Dynamo (see attachment 1). I can see all the connections between each room and the Tag, control it, and when I close Dynamo the curves dissapear. So far so good. But when I run the script with Dynamo Player nothing happens. I believe that’s because the Polycurves (see attachment 2) are not an actual geometry and therefore only visible during scripting. Does anyone have an idea on how to make it visible even in Dynamo Player?

Could you temporally create Detail.Curves in the active view, then display a dialogue to say “Rooms displayed have been considered.” then delete the lines after the user dismisses the dialogue? (not at the PC to show an example right now, but want to get the concept confirmed prior)

That could work, but I would prefer a solution without generating unnecessary geometry. I actually really like the “preview” style of the blue curves.

But I would also like to give your idea a try. Can you help me with the dialogue window and how to make it pop up? Also is there a simple way to delete geometry after a specific time period?