Dynamo Player checkmark freeze / unfreeze

I’ve added a script where I can place devices at mechanical equipment locations but I may not need to add all new devices every time as the project progresses. I know I can freeze in dynamo just wonder if there is a way to implement into my player. I’m also thinking I may have gone too ham on one script and thinking I may need to break up in a per equipment scenario :(…

Perhaps add an option for a family which is invalid in the drop down; this would require a family named something like “nothing to see here, not gonna place anything”, and then add a step to filter out any instances of that family type. This may produce warnings if you don’t manage them well, or utilize function passing.

I like it! Simple solution.
Many Thanks!

In the scenario where the script is initially ran and I change the family to the blank one I just created I think all my initial devices would be replaced/removed. I do think I need to add an additional step of some sort like you said.

To prevent the ‘remove previously created’ just take out the elment bindings.