Dynamo nodes: impossible to open with RVT 2019 the ones created for RVT 2018

Good afternoon,

After updating from RVT18 to RVT19, I’m now facing a problem in opening my old Dynamo nodes I was working with. The error message says that “the node is damaged”.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance.


can you provide a screen shot? which nodes? are they custom nodes, nodes from a certain package, OoTB node? We need more info to try and help. Can you droop the DYN here? What does the DYN do? Was the project saved in 2019 and re-opened prior to you running Dynamo?

have you updated your Revit to 2019.0.1 and Dynamo to 2.0.1
– the 00 versions have too many errors!

Thanks both for your prompt answers.

Below you will find the error message (in Italian, sorry) which basically says “Error in opening de damaged file:D…”.

The version of Dynamo is the and the node I’m trying to open is one I’ve created using a mix of standard nodes and checking it on RVT2018.
Today I’ve updated the model to RVT2019 and the nodes I wrote before shows that error in opening.

Thanks again


False alarm!

After uninstalling the old version of Dynamo and installing the most updated version, now everything works again.

Thanks anyway for your kind answers.