Dynamo Issue - Advanced Issue

Dear Advanced Experts,
There is advanced issue with Dynamo functionality.
Problem is when:

  • Initially, there is only one Family.name node inside script. I run it one time. Output getting correct Schedule name : dasda
  • Then I rename that schedule from dasda to rqweqwe at project.
  • Then adding one more new Family.name node.
  • When I run it second time, First node which created before schedule renamed give same output as previous (dasda). Second one gives correct output.
    Question is, Why first node (which created before renaming schedule) gives not correct output.
    Revit 2021.
    Dynamo 2.5

Sorgu.dyn (7.0 KB)

This is because Dynamo only re-calculates node which have an input that has changed. To visualize what nodes will be calculated anew and which will not, switch to Manual run mode and then go into the settings menu and select ‘show run preview’. All nodes and wires which will calculate in the next run will be highlighted orange.