Dynamo graph to copy/push project (text) parameter from Key Schedule to shared (text) parameter in Area Tag

I’m new to Dynamo, and I want to modify the following Dynamo graph from Dana DeFlippi’s ‘Automating Occupancy’ class from Autodesk University.

(image posted below in first reply…)

This graph copies/pushes a project (number) parameter 'LS Occupant Load Factor_Key" from the Key Schedule to a shared (number) parameter “LS Occupant Load Factor” for placement in an Area Tag.

(image posted below in second reply…)

I want to edit it so I can push the ‘LS OL Factor Net Gross Fixed_Key’ project parameter (see above) to a ‘LS OL Factor Net Gross Fixed’ shared parameter so I can get whether its fixed or gross square footage in the tag. But when I edit it there is an error in the String.ToNumber node because this parameter is text and not a number!

What type of node do I use to get a graph to do what I want? I’m still learning on where to find nodes and what packages do what.

Thanks in advance!

Here’s the original

Dynamo Graph I was going to refer to…

Here’s the other photo I was going to add to my OP showing the Key Schedule.
The red column works with the original graph and I am trying to edit the graph to work for the highlighted column.

Hi Travis,

Could you please post a stripped down rvt? Or a link if you can’t upload yet?

The first thing I’d do is get a Type node to see what kind of data is coming out of the parameter node :slight_smile:



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Unfortunately, new users can’t add attachments.

The graph, workflow and RVT file came from this class at AU2018:

I believe that you can get the files here:

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Would you post an image with all of the drop downs and the error messages visible? It looks like you are trying to pull a number “LS Occupat Load Factor Key” and Push it to “LS OL Factor Net Gross Fixed_Key”. You first need to make sure you have a Shared Parameter to push it to that is also loaded in your tag. Then you just need to change which Parameter Name you are pulling from in the graph and the String.ToNumber because you don’t need a number.



I agree with Sean, Dynamo has automatically converted it to a number (double) for you…

Unfortunately the google drive link didn’t work and the AU page has no rvt or excel download.



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I understand that I didn’t need the ‘String.ToNumber’ node but didn’t know what to replace it with. Based on your diagram and what I just tested I didn’t need to replace replace that node with anything, just bypass it. Thank you for the help. Like I said, I’m a ‘newbie’ and maybe jumped too far in the deep end instead of tip-toe-ing in.

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Sorry the link didn’t work. Sean’s sketch helped out. I go it to work by bypassing the ‘String.ToNumber’ node. I assumed that I needed to replace it instead of just eliminating it. Appreciate the help!

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Glad to hear you got it figured out. Please mark a post as the answer to resolve this question.

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Here is a freebie that I created. https://bimsquare.com/product/revit-occupant-loads-life-safety-load-plan/