Dynamo Geometry generation


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Can you please help?

I am trying to generate a twisting tower in dynamo but the slab edge is a bit complicated, I have selected the slab edge from a family file, then generated the dynamo geometry.

The problem is I want to further develop the Dynamo script to generate a mass tower, floors, and facade skin in a Revit project file, but since the Dynamo file is associated with only one Revit file, I have already used that to select the slab edge.

Is there any way to generate the attached slab edge in Dynamo directly without needing to select it from a family, or can I associate a dynamo file to two revit files, one to select the slab to generate the tower, and the other to create a tower mass, facade, and floors in Revit.

Revit V2020.2
Dynamo V2.3.0

Attached slab edge picture & family, and the dynamo script.

Backup 01.dyn (52.3 KB) Tower Slab Edge.rfa (336 KB)


The file below does so without selection, by deserializing from SAB
slabEdge2.dyn (55.8 KB)

However you’ll first need to serialize geometry as SAB like this

It worked, thanks a lot. :rose:

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