Dynamo Fueled Fabrication for Plumbing

Attached is a Screencast of a very rough example of the process I’ve developed for our firm to be able to automate our assembly group placement referenced to a point layout machine in the field. The main goal is illustrated at my blog in more detail. I am looking to streamline this down a bit more because I am new to dynamo and may be missing out on an easier way to make the same thing happen. I see value in this script for not just Plumbers, but also Landscape Designers, Interior Designers, Architects, and Engineers. I can see this script being used for as built landscape work with a total layout station as well. The skies the limit through collaboration and development of this group placement tool. I would like to credit SteamNodes for providing me with the Tool.PlaceGroupAtPoint node. It is the main driver here.




I would love to see what other people think of this, and what I could do to make this script even better?! For right now I feel like this is the best way, but I’m new to dynamo and would love to see how I could improve the script. Attached is an image of my script below. I’m not sure that this will be displayed correctly, but if you need to reference the other pictures on the blog you can do so there. The article describes the overall workflow and process. Some things I would like to be able to do is rotate the placed groups based on North, South, East and West headings, or maybe by wall facing. I look forward to hearing your feedback! Thank you for your support and knowledge!


Best Regards,

Brian D. Nickel

Group Placement

<video width=“300” height=“150” controls=“controls”>
<source src="<iframe width=“696” height=“435” src=“https://screencast.autodesk.com/Embed/a799e13e-722a-4c18-b508-dcc25f94be02” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen></iframe>" />